František Bálek (1954, Pilsen)

– Apprenticed as a potter in Karlovarský porcelán (Duchcov) factory and in 1979 he was accepted to the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague from which he graduated in 1985(Professor Josef Malejovský)

– After his studies he returned to his hometown of Pilsen where he lives and works.

– Free figurative plastic arts create the main part of his extensive work,which-in monumental as well as „applied“ format – owing to an impressive, brilliantly mastered and stylized dynamic gesture touch and free the move of a human soul and spirit. Woman’s nude and sports themes finding an expression in a nude as well as in abstract compositions are characteristic for the author.

– Apart from traditional materials – stone and metal- the sculptor inventively uses a variety of combined techniques and glass.

– „Short-lasting“, however internationally prized sculptures of ice and sand represent a special chapter of Balek’s work after several awards in Russia,Finland and Sweden, he was awarded a gold medal at 20th Cultural Olypics in Pragelat held on the occasion of the Winter Olympic Games in Turin.

– Balek’s works are represented in public galleries  in the  Czech Republic(Prague, Pilsen), overseas (Japan,France) and in a number of private collections.

– The list of exhibitions with his participation begins in 1985 and includes 10 individual and 25 common retrospectives of which 11 were overseas (Austria, Bangladesh, Denmark, France, Germany, Japan,USA).

– The artist’s versatility and diligence prove to be a success in restoration and pedagogical work too.

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